Energy for Productive Use

Lead Generation and System Sizing Platform

Access qualified Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) leads to sell renewable energy solutions (solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, e.t.c) to, determine customer electricity load and components required. Payments processing, Unique addressing with satellite maps/ Geo location. Customer support tool, and realtime power system monitoring.

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Unique Customer Addressing

Each customer profile has been generated with geo cordinates and represented on a map to easily locate the customer by the clients

Data analytics and representation

Our Platform also offers data analytics for our clients giving them an overview of their activities.

Individual Customer System Sizing/Requirements

This feature helps a customer to know which type of system will be best suitable for them after calculating their energy needs.

Customer Support

We provide support for those that have queries about our services and help to resolve issues between clients and customers.

About Us

Driven to contribute to the smart energy, co-founders Mwamed Sizoomu and Hashim Mutanje have developed a
platform committed to addressing challenges of accelerating energy access to off grid Small and Medium Sized
Enterprises (SMEs) which are at the core of energy for productive use in off the grid Africa.

SolarPipo connects SMEs in off the grid areas in Africa to renewable energy solutions. With our web, mobile and
USSD based platform, renewable energy companies increase their sales volume at 60% less customer acquisition
cost,open up new market segments, increase performance of credit based energy system sales by over 40%, lower
cases of warranty claims due to right system sizing of each unique SME customer, monitor power systems on mini
grids and standalone systems as well as process mobile payments for systems.

Current Projects And Partners

YASA Min-Grid Power Generation

We profile clients for the min-grid by modellings their energy needs, perform credit checks, process mobile payements and offer customer support. SolarPipo has been able to help small businesses around Lolui Island(on Lake Victoria) access efficient energy by matching them to the Yasa Min-grid.
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Short Project to Profile farmers in Arua

Village Power is among the leading solar companies in Uganda with high quality products,
contracted Solarpipo to generate for it a sample of qualified leads in West Nile Uganda. So to improve on the business of people living there

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AnsweridWorldwide Women profiles

AnsweridWorldwide is an NGO that specifically deals with helping women in Uganda to develop their business ideas. Their vision is to enhance women communities with the capacity to use available socio economic development. Who created partnership with SolarPipo to profile their members for energy needs.
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Our Team

We know the problems, have seen the challenges that come with providing clean and efficient energy to off grid SMEs and with our energy sector experience combined with innovation, we are committed to solving these challenges.
SolarPipo team has combined experience for over 8 years in the renewable energy sector, experience in innovative product development and management, sales and marketing, team building skills, and the core of the team has been at the helm of management of startups with a keen eye on innovation.

Hashim Mutanje

Hashim Mutanje

Mwamed Sizoomu

Mwamed Sizoomu

Jon Rez II

Leslie Murungi K

Janet Nyakamadi

Janet Nyakamadi


News and Media

Eco-Summit 2017 Amsterdam

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RockStart Smart Energy Summit


RockStart Smart Energy Accelerator - demo day

After 5 months of serious work, Solarpipo was super ready to share their vision live on stage.
”Solar for Productive Use Leads Generation”

Demo Day
demo day


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Global Energy National Award

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